Galapagos – Marquesas – Day 22

Day 22: 07.05.18 2100 UTC, 1200 BoatTime (UTC-9)
Position: 10:16S 136:21W COG: 260 SOG: 5,5 (average 24 hrs) Wind: 5-15 kn E Sailed distance: 2900 Sailed last 24 hours: 131 Distance to Fatu Hiva: 130 (great circle line, updated all the way into the anchorage)
Weather: Nice! Wind finally picked up so that we could sail wing on wing again directly towards Fatu Hiva. At time of writing we have been smooth sailing the last 19 hours. Were hit by a pretty angry squall this morning with all the sails up. Afraid something got ripped, but seems like we managed.
About 130 nm miles left. If we manage to keep our current average speed we will arrive Fatu Hiva tomorrow before dark. Because of the wind, we now should also have enough diesel if the big fan suddenly stops on us. Looks promising….If no fish very soon, we will celebrate with Pizza!
Sea state: 1.0 – 1.5 m swell from E.
Fishing: No news.
CsB still within sight.
All is well.

I am the Captain of this ship, and I have my Wife´s permission to say so!

2 thoughts on “Galapagos – Marquesas – Day 22

  1. Thomas Erik says:

    Siste innspurt! Tenker det skal bli godt med en velfortjen Pizza når dere når land 😀

  2. Inger Helene Bergh says:

    Straks framme! Er så glad! Takk for flotte meldinger underveis! Har fulgt nøye med dere! Kart framme hver dag! Lykke til med innspurten!

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