Galapagos – Marquesas – Day 4

Day 3: 19.04.18 1800 UTC, 1200 BoatTime
Position: 5:38S 97:06W COG: 269 SOG: 5,2 (average 24 hrs) Wind:8-15 kn SE Sailed distance: 527 Sailed last 24 hours: 125 Distance to Fatu Hiva: 2497 Weather: Overcast and scattered rainshowers and clear sky. Changing winds both speed and direction. Sea state: 1.5 – 2.0 m swell from SE. A bit rolly and unorganized with the showers.
Fishing: Trying, but no luck. Caught something really big that cut the double fishing line – snap!. There is hope 🙂
Sailing in varied winds trying to match a 250-270 course. Using the engine to charge and make water. Speeds from 4 – 7 knots depending on angle of attack. Still together with CsB which is nice since you have a couple of talking sessions on the VHF. By the way; we have a joke corner at 15:30 each day. We are running out of jokes. Anyone out there that would care to share some? I promise to give credit to the “owner”.
Last night, before bedtime for the kids, we watched Kon-Tiki – the movie. Enjoing life, food, and the opportunity to experience something really special together.
All is well.

I am the Captain of this ship, and I have my Wife´s permission to say so!

3 thoughts on “Galapagos – Marquesas – Day 4

  1. Tom Erik says:

    Hva er forskjellen på en loppe og en elefant?

    Svar: en elefant kan ha lopper, men en loppe kan ikke ha elefanter.

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