Galapagos – Marquesas – Day 16

Day 16: 01.05.18 2000 UTC, 1200 BoatTime (UTC-8)
Position: 9:22S 123:49W COG: 270 SOG: 5,1 (average 24 hrs) Wind: 8-25 kn ESE Sailed distance: 2245 Sailed last 24 hours: 122 Distance to Fatu Hiva: 867 (great circle line, updated)
Weather: Nice, but with some cloud activity making the wind shift in strength and direction.
Sea state: 1.5 – 2.5 m swell from SE. A bit more unorganized making jibes necessary during the night.
Fishing: On hold. Fridge and freezer is full.
CsB still within sight.
A day more or less like the last one. Nothing important to note. Still enjoying the dream.
All is well.

I am the Captain of this ship, and I have my Wife´s permission to say so!

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