Tahiti – Tonga – Day 1

Day 1: 17.08.18 2200 UTC, 1200 BoatTime (UTC-10)
Position: 17:15S 152:04W
COG: 275 SOG: 5.3 (average 24 hrs) Wind: 5 – 15 kn SSE – E Sailed distance: 146 nm Sailed last 24 hours: 128 nm Distance to Tonga: 1.264 nm
Weather: Nice, but dark clouds = pitch black during the night.
So good to be on the water again. Crew is adjusting and getting into the rhythms. KEA is making far less sounds and moving better in the water after her weeks of pedicure in Papeete. Most important – the “not so nice” sounds from the rudder are gone!
Had to use the engine for some hours when the speed dropped below 3.5 knots. Mostly sailing wing on wing. The sea is a bit messy making the mainsail flap in the lighter winds.
Sea state: 0,5 – 1 m.
Fishing: Nothing yet.
All is well.
S/Y KEA www.keablog.no

I am the Captain of this ship, and I have my Wife´s permission to say so!

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