Tahiti – Tonge – Day 3

Day 3: 19.08.18 2200 UTC, 1200 BoatTime (UTC-10)
Position: 17:03S 156:20W
COG: 275 SOG: 5.3 (average 24 hrs) Wind: 5 – 10 kn N – E Sailed distance: 395 nm Sailed last 24 hours: 121 nm Distance to Tonga: 1.020 nm
Weather: Nice, clear sky.
Yet another fantastic day at sea. Wind i slowly turning to the north. Anticipating a passing trough tonight and tomorrow.
Sea state: 0,5 – 1 m.
Fishing: Yet another big bite. Dragged out all the line and jumped like a whale. Had it for about 20 min before the hook broke clean off. Not the line – the hook!. Think we need to fish with smaller lures. These guys are way to big!
All is well.
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I am the Captain of this ship, and I have my Wife´s permission to say so!

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