Tahiti – Tonga – Day 8

Day 8: 24.08.18 2200 UTC, 1200 BoatTime (UTC-10)
Position: 18:08S 167:58W
COG: 260 SOG: 5,3 (average 24 hrs) Wind: 5 – 15 kn NE – SE Sailed distance: 1076 nm Sailed last 24 hours: 126 nm Distance to Tonga: 350 nm
Weather: Nice. Clear sky. Stars, and almost full moon.
Another beautiful day at sea. The wind dropped to less than 10kn yesterday evening, making it unbearable and slow. Dropped the main and started the engine. It is still running, but now both sails are up helping a bit with speed and stability. The sea is much calmer. We are expecting to pass another trough this evening/night with variable winds and possible showers. Hopefully some of that is sailable. From the GRIBs it looks like hardly any wind at all for the next 24hrs. Thankfully we have a lot of diesel. Those yellow containers on deck is not beautiful, but on days like this in the middle of the Pacific….. 🙂
Looking at a Monday morning (UTC-10), Tuesday local (UTC +13) arrival av Vava´u, Tonga.
Sea state: 1 – 1,5 m.
Fishing: Arghh….Lost yet another lure to a big “thing”. Took off with almost all the line. When we tried to stop it the line broke. When we reeled it in we realized it was the steel line that had broken, and not in the joint! How is that possible?
All is well.
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